The Bentley Built Homes Difference

Since 2007, Bentley Built Homes has been offering superior construction in
the Annapolis Valley by focusing on efficiency and sustainability. Education
is at the core of this operation: Nick and his crew have acquired an array of
certifications promoting progressive building trends. Their advanced training,
diverse skills, innovative designs, efficient home plans and preference for
sustainable products have created a unique construction niche for Bentley
Built Homes.

When a deadline is in place, every minute counts. Nick and his ten-member
crew work extremely well together, completing tasks safely, skillfully and
efficiently. Each crew member has a unique skill set developed through
education and building experiences. They work with the weather – twelve
months of the year – maximizing productivity in all seasons. Their diverse
experience, time management and problem solving skills result in reliable
quotes, accurate pricing and reasonable timelines. With a tool for every job
and equipment specific to each task, Bentley Built Homes maintains a solid
reputation based on organized teamwork and dedication to customer

Voted Valley's Best Home
Builder 2014 & 2015
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